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Privacy Policy

At Planetrehab, where we specialize in physical and occupational therapy practice management software and service, we have a very simple privacy policy — we do not give out client information. Some of our clients allow us to use them as references and some prefer not to have their information divulged. We respect every client's and potential client's privacy and we will not give out your information to anyone.


Our Privacy Policy is very simple. We do not give out any customer information .... period! On occasion we will send our customers and potential customers offers and/or notices by email. We will hold personal information in house (address(es), telephone number(s) and e-mail address(es) only) as a means to contact them with these offers. Any information given to Planetrehab Incorporated will strictly be used ONLY by Planetrehab Incorporated. We do not offer our contact lists for sale or to ANY affiliates. If a contact does not wish to receive any offers and/or notices from us, we will gladly remove their name and address from our lists.


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Planetrehab Incorporated

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Lafayette, LA 70503

Phone: 800-982-5447

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