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Benefits of Using Planetrehab

The quick list: documentation is done quickly and easily; easy scheduling, improved cash-flow; HIPAA compliance; centralization of data; faster turn-around on paid claims; better clinic management and the list goes on. We go into detail below.


The benefits of utilizing Planetrehab are vast. They are easily recognizable at times and at other times are harder to pinpoint. We have found that our main objective of helping therapists provide better patient care has been achieved. Companies that use Planetrehab find that their therapists and office personnel are able to spend more quality time with the patient; the time spent is more attentive. And therapists spend less time documenting treatment sessions, thus leaving more time for the patient.


Here is a list of some of the obvious benefits of utilizing Planetrehab:

Quicker reimbursements and reduced number of denied claims.

Because Planetrehab makes sure you are submitting all of the information needed to get paid for a claim, you drastically reduce the number of non-pays due to submitting incorrect and/or incomplete claims. And clean claims get paid faster.


Reduce your Accounts Receivables and improve cash flow.

Because Planetrehab is making sure you are submitting the necessary information to the insurance company, the number of days a claim goes unpaid is drastically reduced, therefore reducing your AR. And because you are shortening the period from the time you provide treatment to the time you get paid, your cash flow position improves.


Increase amount paid per treatment provided.

Because Planetrehab reports when a minimum number of CPT codes are billed, you are maximizing the amount your operation is paid per therapy session. Also, Planetrehab has the ability to prevent you from billing for a procedure that the patient's insurance company will not pay. And to make it easier for you, Planetrehab will produce a report that tells you which CPT codes each insurance company you submit to will pay.


Standardize documentation and mitigate the impact of audits.

Because you can create note templates, your documentation is consistent. If your operation has many therapists, you can mandate that each therapist document treatment in the same way. This eliminates inconsistent or poorly written notes and makes it much easier to defend yourself in case of an audit.


Minimize disruption due to employee turnover, reduce your staff and/or make your staff more efficient.

Because Planetrehab is easy to use, training new staff on its use is simple. Keep in mind that Planetrehab actually acts as your billing clerk, so the loss of someone with that knowledge is negligible to your operation. In theory, your operation could be run by a receptionist and the therapist(s). The receptionist schedules appointments, enters patient data into the system and the therapist enters the notes; Planetrehab does everything else. You don’t need staff to compile billing data or spend time on collections; Planetrehab handles it.


Centralization and real time data retrieval.

Because Planetrehab is web-based, you can access your data from one consolidated location. You don’t have to travel to your multiple locations to collect data or have that data sent to your location.


Provide management reports and data.

Because you are centralizing your data, you can run any of the numerous reports built into Planetrehab. And if you want a special report specific to your business or situation, you can build your own report in MS Excel.


Reduce missed billing because of missed appointments.

A common occurrence in the therapy clinics is patients missing appointments, thus reducing the effectiveness of their therapy and the opportunity for you to bill for those approved appointments. Planetrehab keeps track of the number of approved treatments and the date when those treatments must be completed. Therefore, you are sure to follow up with that patient to reschedule their treatment so the treatment can be completed in the allotted time.


HIPAA Compliance.

HIPAA regulations require medical establishments to meet certain criteria. Planetrehab helps you meet those regulations. For instance, a receptionist should not have access to patient treatment information. With Planetrehab you can restrict access to the treatment information to only those people that are allowed to view that data.

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