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At Planetrehab Incorporated, there is nothing as important as our client's satisfaction. We strive to provide our clients with excellent software and support. You will quickly discover that we treat our clients differently than other companies.

Our goal is prove to you that you can depend on Planetrehab, therefore we take our commitment to support very seriously. We will provide you as much technical support as you need. And not just during regular business hours but after regular business hours and on weekends. It is essential that you are able to use the software and if you cannot, we are here to help. We go to great lengths to make sure you get all the help you need.


Our commitment to support does not end when you sign the contract. As long as you are a Planetrehab client, we will provide you with world-class technical support.


Planetrehab provides free training until you are completely comfortable using the software. We also provide free updates and upgrades. You never have to pay for this service.


Our approach to support is simple. We want you, our client, to be able to easily schedule, document and bill visits. You are the therapy professional and you should be able to focus on your patients, not on your software, leaving you worry-free.


If you need to contact support, call 800-982-5447 ext. 314 or visit our Contact Us page for other options.

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