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Company Overview

Sometimes you are just looking for a quick synopsis instead of the long description.


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has changed the Physical and Occupational Therapy world. Couple that with Medicare and private insurance companies ever decreasing reimbursements for services rendered, slower paying times, tougher documentation requirements and the increasing costs of staffing threatens the continued success of your business.


Because of our extensive background in the managing physical and occupational clinics, we completely understand the hurdles clinic owners and managers face. In fact, we created Planetrehab to address all of these obstacles and more. And, physical and occupational therapy is the only medical discipline we serve.


In 1999, we realized the new HIPAA mandates would make current software and billing practices virtually obsolete. Our development team, comprised of therapists, therapy clinic managers, professional billing consultants and expert computer programmers, vowed to create a software solution that would embrace the HIPAA mandates and automate a clinic's daily tasks.


Planetrehab is designed to integrate scheduling, documentation, billing and collections while strictly adhering to the HIPAA mandates. Planetrehab streamlines all of these processes (and many more) so you can focus on patient care and less on the efforts it takes to be paid.


Planetrehab can help therapy practices in multiple ways. If your practice is experiencing cash flow problems, Planetrehab can help stabilize your cash flow by providing billing standards that maximize reimbursement from payors, track claims and make follow-up calls to get the claims paid in the shortest possible time. Claims that are consistent and correct are paid much more quickly. As a general rule, your accounts receivables should not be overly burdened by older billing. Planetrehab can help eliminate some of your AR aging and prevent future billing from staying on your books for too long.


Planetrehab will also help to make your documentation supportive of your billing. The Planetrehab documentation system will provide consistent, legible notes that are easy and quick to create. In addition, all documentation is maintained within Planetrehab so recalling old notes and documentation is easy. Moreover, because the clinic owner/manager can setup note templates, you are secure in knowing that your therapist’s notes are compliant.

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