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Feature List

This is a comprehensive list of features you get when you use the Planetrehab practice management software and service. If you do not see a feature listed, please call or email to ask if we have it. We probably do and we simply call it something else or it may be part of a group of features.



Track missed appointments, no-shows and cancellations.

Easily schedule multiple appointments and stack appointments.

Day, work week, week and month views.

Displays critical patient data in the appointment book view.

Schedule statistics.

Color code specific appointments.

Automatically colors the patient’s first visit a different color in the appointment book.

Color code providers.

Color code patients.

Create your own color codes and categories.

Automatically setup recurring appointments.

Search for the next open appointment slot by time, date or by provider.

Built in waiting list.

General appointments.

Email and/or text appointment reminders.

Automatically create blocks of time that cannot be scheduled for a therapist.

Search for a past and/or future appointments.

Create an email from the appointment book.

Visual clue if the patient has a co-pay.

Limit the number of appointments that can be schedule for a provider at one time.

Drag and Drop appointments.

Tracks vacation time, holidays and clinic operating hours.

Warns if the prescription has expired and tells when the prescription expires.

Displays co-pay amount and enter co-pay paid on the schedule screen.

Access various parts of the patient’s file from the schedule screen.

Print out a daily schedule.

Print out the schedule for a particular therapist for a defined time frame.

Track treatment rooms and patient location within the facility.

Appointment book is easily resizable.



Drag and drop notes.

Easily recall past notes.

Standardize provider notes.

Note can be generated from charges.

Create your own note templates.

Create provider-specific notes templates.

Build the note from various predetermined phrases.

Create a note that includes your logo and other formatting features.

Numerous pre-made templates that are completely customizable.



Quickly choose from a list of charges and diagnosis codes.

G-code and modifier alerts.

Specify a minimum number of charges per treatment.

Multi-part insurance company billing.

Eliminate billing for procedures that do not get paid.

Tracks number of patient visits.

Cross-reference diagnosis codes with CPT codes.

Suppress CPT codes by insurance company and/or therapist.

Set different prices for CPT codes by insurance company.

Create specific billing rules to apply to an insurance company.

Bill patients that prefer to pay cash instead of billing their insurance company.

Customize your list of CPT codes.

Customize your list of diagnosis codes.

Bill on a daily basis.

Electronic billing.



Single entry of data.

Keep unlimited patient history.

Patient can have multiple insurance companies.

Track patient’s employer(s).

Track responsible party.

Easily locate patient information.

Quickly review a list of all of the patient’s past appointments.

Warns of duplicate patient entry.

Visually warns in Appointment Processing if the patient has exhausted the number of visits allowed.



Track provider billing patterns.

Track forgotten appointments and expiring prescriptions.

Produce patient statements.

Track physician referral patterns.

Give formatted reports to physicians.

Track what each insurance company has paid.

A multitude of management reports.

Create your own reports in MS Excel.

Create your own reports with our built in report-writer.

Hundreds of built in reports.



Reconciliation of EOB’s.


Follow-up on slow pays.

Appeal of rejected claims.

Bill balance to patient.



Combine data from multiple clinics.

Manage multiple locations from one, centralized location.

Multiple levels of security to restrict employee access to patient data.

Will work with your existing Windows network.

Multiple backups so you won’t lose data.

Strictly adheres to HIPAA mandates and Medicare guidelines and regulations.

Will work even when your internet connection is not working.

Stay abreast of the latest changes in billing practices.

No separate modules.

 Scheduling, documentation, billing, reporting and practice.

 management are all combined in one package.

Not converted physician software; created for therapists by therapy professionals.

Multiple backups.

Free unlimited training.

Free, unlimited telephone technical support.

Free updates and upgrades.

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