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Our Team

Planetrehab’s management is equal to none. Our diverse team has experience in many different industries. This list includes the principles of Planetrehab but not necessarily all of the partners and/or employees of Planetrehab.


Donald V. Tanner, Jr. - President and Technology Director

Donald V. Tanner, Jr. has been in the computer field since 1968. His experience began while attending the University of Southwestern Louisiana where he was pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering. After graduating, Don began working in the engineering field as a computer expert before there were computer experts. Over the years, he moved around the United States developing computer software for various organizations, training their customers and troubleshooting.


In the 70’s, Don and his family moved back to their hometown of Eunice, Louisiana where he introduced computers to a family owned construction business. While in the business, he developed software for the industry and eventually took over the business. Don ran the multi–million-dollar business until 1987. In 1987, he retired from the construction industry and began computer programming full time. He developed software for various industries and had two commercially successful programs to his credit.


Don’s computer experience spans many platforms, including Data General, R-DOS, Alpha Base, Unix and DOS. He has programmed in Assembly, Snowball, Fortran, Basic, Business Basic, Data Base III, and FoxPlus. Today, he programs primarily in FoxPro.


Don has practical experience as a civil engineer, computer applications engineer, business owner, industrial designer, software designer, database designer, systems designer and college instructor. He has developed numerous computer applications, including UTILIZE® and PagerPro®, two highly successful off-the-shelf packages. Don has years of computer and management consulting experience.


Don has appeared multiple times as a guest speaker and expert panelist on various computer issues.


Ricky Gomez - Director of Sales and Marketing

Ricky Gomez has more than 25 years of computer, public relations and organizational communication experience. Ricky received his undergraduate degree from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in Mass Communication and received his Master’s Degree in Interpersonal and Public Communication from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.


While working on his undergraduate degree, Ricky worked for the largest television station in Lafayette. While there, Ricky learned the ins and outs of the broadcast medium. After completing his undergraduate work, Ricky received a graduate assistantship to U of L at Lafayette. As a graduate assistant, Ricky was placed in charge of a 30-computer facility and ultimately given a class to teach. Upon completion of his graduate work, Ricky went to work in the public relations department for a large hospital. Ricky was then hired as communications director for a large United Way agency. Seeing an opportunity to broaden his horizons and satisfy his entrepreneurial leanings, Ricky partnered with Donald V. Tanner, Jr.’s computer programming business. Ricky began marketing programs that Don had created along with a plethora of computer services.


Ricky’s main objective was to build a large user base for PagerPro®, an accounting package for pager companies, expand the company’s consulting clientele and cultivate their SBT VAR program.


At its peak, CSI Softworx had over 700 PagerPro® users worldwide, over 100 consulting clients and over 30 SBT clients. Ricky has managed all support and supporting materials along with managing CSI Softworx’ operations. Ricky has managed the CSI Softworx Technical Support department, the shipping department, has overseen the writing and publishing of software manuals and directed all marketing projects.


Ricky has also been a key figure in CSI Softworx’ internet projects.

Ricky’s practical experience includes teaching at the university level, health-care public relations and marketing, social services public relations and marketing, nonprofit public relations and marketing, organizational consulting, broadcasting and publishing.


Ricky has authored papers on the latest techniques for communication audits and monitoring the grapevine within organizations. He has performed communication audits, designed surveys, prepared research, planned seminars and devised public relations strategies and marketing strategies. He has also developed original advertisements along with graphic illustrations. Lastly, Ricky has appeared multiple times as a guest speaker, on television and radio on various computer issues.


Don Bennett Tanner - Director of Operations

In 1989, Don Bennett Tanner began his professional career as an Outside Sales Representative for 3-M Corporation. Don acquired and maintained sales of office machines for the northwest region of New Mexico.


In 1990, Don transferred his knowledge of sales and management to the seafood industry. As a Sales Representative for Aquaculture Technologies Ltd., Don acquired and maintained sales and distribution of raw and finished product to numerous clients.


In 1992, Don utilized his knowledge of the seafood distribution business to start his own seafood processing company, Cajun Express Distributors Inc. As Secretary, Treasurer and stockholder of Cajun Express Distributors Inc. Don performed all duties related to Secretary/Treasurer of Seafood Processing Company. He implemented all aspects of marketing and distribution for Cajun Express Distributors. At the time of Don’s departure, Cajun Express Distributors had reached $1,600,000.00 in total sales per year.


In 1995 Don decided to strike out on his own, moved his family to Michigan and started Excel Billing. Excel Billing’s focus is to coordinate all database information, claims submission, claims follow-up and posting of proper payments for numerous clients in the medical industry.


Mike Feltman - Lead Programmer

Mike Feltman founded F1 Technologies as Neon Software in 1990. Mike is the chief architect and lead developer of the Visual FoxExpress framework and is very involved with F1 Technologies' consulting and training practices.


Mike got his start in computers at the age of 15 as an assistant instructor at the University of Toledo and became an instructor at the University of Toledo at the age of 17. Mike also is a former employee of Fox Software, the original creators of FoxPro. At Fox Software, Mike worked in technical support and marketing, developed in-house systems and performed product maintenance on the FoxCentral module in FoxBase+.


Mike has spoken at FoxPro and database conferences as well as countless user groups throughout North America and in Europe. Mike has written articles for FoxPro Advisor and FoxTalk magazines. Mike has been programming in XBase languages since he was a teenager and is an addict to object-oriented technology. Mike is currently acting as technical editor on Hentzenwerke Publishing's forthcoming book, "Building Visual FoxPro Applications with Visual FoxExpress."


Toni Feltman - Lead Programmer

Toni is a partner in F1 Technologies and one of the principal developers in the FoxExpress product line. She has spoken at all of the FoxExpress Developers Conferences along with the German FoxPro Developers Conference, FoxTeach, Great Lakes Great Database Workshop and various user groups throughout North America. She was also a judge of the 1998 Visual FoxPro Excellence Awards. Prior to F1 Technologies, Toni worked for Fox Software, the company that originated FoxPro. She is also a Visual FoxPro trainer for AppDev.

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