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Planetrehab Practice Management Software for Physical and Occupational therapists does it all. Our software has all the pieces you need to to manage your single or multi-clinic therapy company. And our software has not been adapted physician software; it was created specifically for physical and occupational therapists. And do not worry about trying to make software from different vendors work with each other. Because Planetrehab was completely developed to include all the pieces a therapy company needs without having to interface with other software.


Below are some of the highlights of the software. You can also get more information on our Features List page.


Our simple to use but robust, feature-packed appointment book handles all of your scheduling needs. From custom color coded appointments to drag and drop to automatically scheduling recurring appointments. Some other key features include:


  • Search for Future or Past Appointments

  • Automatically create future appointments

  • Access Patient data from the appointment book.

  • Warning if the Patient's Prescription has Expired

  • Visual cue if the Patient Owes a Co-pay

  • Waiting List for Canceled Appointment

  • Easily Print a Patient's Appointment List

  • Multiple Views - Day, Week or Month

  • Email a Patient from their Appointment Block


Complete Practice Management Software

Designed specifically for Physical and Occupational Therapy





Treatment Documentation (EMR)

Our EMR is template based and is completely customizable. We don't dictate how your treatment note should flow because you can decide on the structure of your note. And we use a unique way of automatically incorporating the justification for the treatment charges so you don't have to create those for each visit. Other features include:


  • Template based

  • Completely customizable

  • Over 400 different templates including PT, OT, SLP and Pediatric

  • Copy a previous daily note and make minor changes to reflect current treatment

  • Keeps the treatment note in the system indefinitely

  • Create phrases that can be easily be used in any template

  • Automatically calculates time spent for each charge code and total treatment time

  • Automatically creates documentation for Functional Limitation Reporting G-codes

Patient Management

Managing patient data is a critical part of any practice management software. Our intuitive patient data interface allows you to input all of the important biographical information you need to keep track of the patient. For example:


  • Create Intake Packet from the Patient Data Screen

  • Single Entry of Data

  • Keep Unlimited Patient History

  • Patients can have more than one case (treatment need) at a time

  • Scanning is Built-in

  • Email and/or text patients to remind them about their appointment

Insurance Management

Various insurance companies have different rules and policies and even specify which billing codes they will accept. And a patient can have more than one insurance company. Our insurance management database allows you a vast amount of control over the insurance companies you bill.


  • Remove CPT Codes for a Specific Insurance Company

  • Set Fee Schedule by Insurance Company

  • Handles Worker's Comp and Prints the Note with the Claim

  • Automatically Adjusts Charge Amount for Cash Patients

  • Cross References ICD Code(s) with CPT Code(s) for Medicare Patients


The heart of an excellent practice management software system has to be its ability to provide information about your practice. We are adamant about providing our users with the ability to be able to extract critical practice information from their data. In fact, we have not one, but two report programs our clients can use.


We have hundreds of reports that you can use. We have the aging, analysis, billing and payment reports that you run at any time. Along with that, we provide a second report program that allows us to create customized reports.

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