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Planetrehab 2.393 Release Note

Planetrehab 2.393 Release Note

We have added two new valuable reports. You will find the new reports in File>Reports & Queries>Operations.

The first report is called Patients Not Paid Between Dates. This report gives you all the patients who have not paid anything between two dates. You can use this report to find out how many patients failed to pay anything in 2017.

The second report is called Patients with Balance Between Dates. This report will give you all patients that have a patient owed balance between two dates. This report can be used to find out if any of the patients you have scheduled for appointments for a specific date (e.g. tomorrow) have a patient owed balance.

Planetrehab combines comprehensive but easy-to-use scheduling, documentation, billing, reporting and collections for single or multi-clinic physical and occupational therapy companies. Our practice management software is integrated with our practice management service that includes access to our team of experienced management consultants that will help identify and correct potential lost revenue and maximize per visit submissions and to our expert management staff that has experience identifying and correcting deficient areas of any practice.

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