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Physical Therapy for Shoulder Pain

People who have trouble lifting their arm above their head, have trouble when putting on a jacket or have trouble sleeping at night because of shoulder pain, physical therapy instead of surgery may be the answer.

The cause of the pain may be rotator cuff impingement and physical therapy using joint mobilizations on the shoulder may help restore proper function of the rotator cuff without having to resort to surgery.

This article goes into detail about the healing potential of joint mobilization.

This blog post was created by Planetrehab and is strictly informational and should not be used as a replacement for advice from a doctor or professional caregiver. Planetrehab combines comprehensive but easy-to-use scheduling, documentation, billing, reporting and collections for single or multi-clinic physical therapy and occupational therapy companies. Our practice management software is integrated with our practice management service that includes access to our team of experienced management consultants that will help identify and correct potential lost revenue and maximize per visit submissions and to our expert management staff that has experience identifying and correcting deficient areas of any practice.

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